Camero Kayaks is a sister company of Southside Manufacturing, a premier steel fabrication organisation founded over 30 years ago in Lonsdale, SA. Director Patrick Galdes has over 40 years of manufacturing experience and acquired Camero Kayaks in 2008 to expand and diversify the company’s operations. Supported by his son, Simon Galdes, head of Camero’s sales operations, the father-son couple have built a well-respected local brand in Camero Kayaks that prides itself on high quality and superior customer service.

Camero Kayaks own the entire supply chain from design and manufacturing to sales and distribution. This unique value proposition ensures that we produce only the highest quality and most durable kayaks that are well-suited to our state’s glorious but unrelenting summers, that we are able to tailor kayaks to our client’s unique requirements, and that our operations are constantly improving and evolving to delight our clients.

We believe that purchasing a kayak is an experience not a transaction. Our new and expansive showroom in Lonsdale boasts a wide assortment of kayaks, canoes, SUPs, and accessories where we can help you find the ideal kayak, fittings, and accessories to suit you and your unique requirements. Or even build you your own kayak! Pick from one of our many colour options to match your personality!