Camero Kayaks Quality Guarantee

Camero Kayaks Polyethylene Info


20UV Polyethylene

Camero Kayaks are manufactured using 20UV polyethylene. 20UV has been proven to have a minimum lifespan of 20,000 hours when in direct sunlight. 

Virgin Grade Material

Camero Kayaks are manufactured using virgin grade polyethylene. This means the material used is not recycled or contaminated by a lower grade of polyethylene. 

Premium Qualiity Kayaks


Kayak Thickness

Along with being hard wearing and extremely durable when exposed to the elements, we also manufacture our kayaks to have a consistant wall thickness of 5-6mm.  This ensures that our kayaks are built to last.

Quality Control

Our kayaks are thoroughly inspected after being manufactured for faults or defects. All fittings on a Camero Kayak are plastic or 316 premium grade stainless steel guaranteeing many years of fun.