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Why is the UV rating of a kayak so important?  

The  20uv rating polyethylene used when constructing a Camero Kayaks is the most durable on the market. This ensures your kayak will be durable, hard wearing and resilient to UV rays for 20,000 hours. A kayak manufactured using lower grade polyethylene will be effected by UV rays much more quickly. This can lead to a kayak warping, distorting and in many cases cracking or splitting.


Kayaks manufactured by Camero Kayaks feature our genuine 10 Year Manufacturing Warranty. This covers all aspects of the kayak. 

There are a number of imported kayaks for sale that are manufactured using low grade material, be sure to ask your sales person about UV ratings. Please feel free to ask us for more information.


Kayaks manufactured by Camero Kayaks are checked for defects and fault on production. Every kayak is inspected for material thickness and consistancy in order to ensure a Camero Kayak can and will withstand the wear and tear associated with kayaking.



Camero Kayaks are regularly asked to repair cracks and leaks in Chinese Imported kayaks. 


Camero Kayaks are constructed using 20uv.

Chinese imports are constructed using 8uv.

Kayaks manufactured by Camero Kayaks and produced using virgin grade rating polyethylene. Our kayaks are amongst the most tough, durable and hard wearing on the market. 

What is the difference between a good quality kayak and a bad quality kayak?

See why kayaks manufactured by Camero Kayaks differ from the rest.


At Camero Kayaks we ensure that all of our kayaks are constructed with a consistant 5mm-6mm wall thickness.

From our experience we have found that many Chinese imported kayaks feature an inconsistant  2mm-5mm wall thickness.