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20 Year Warranty On All Round Water Tanks

20 year warranty on all round rainwater tanks

Our range of round rainwater tanks are manufactured in Adelaide using food grade, virgin grade, 20uv rating polyethylene. This ensures the water tanks are not manufactured using recycled plastic.

Our water tanks are manufactured using premium quality materials guaranteeing they will withstand Australia’s harsh climate. Lower grades of polyethylene are much less durable and are more susceptible to distorting and splitting.

Camero’s round rainwater tanks are also much thicker than the market average, manufactured with a wall thickness of 10-20mm.

Our rainwater tanks are also considerably thicker in the lower half of the water tank where the majority of the weight and pressure is stored which in turn reduces creep. Creep is a term for the expansion and retraction of the tank walls. When the tank walls continually expand and retract they may become weak and split. Having a thicker wall in our rainwater tanks minimalizes the creep affect.

All round water tanks feature a 20 year manufacturing warranty.

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