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Best Locations For A Rainwater Tank

Best locations to place a rainwater tank

Placement near a house or shed is an ideal place for a water tank. Water collection is much simpler when the gutter system and rainwater tank are in close proximity. Having the gutters and water tank a way apart can be costly if a complex pipework system needs to be fitted.

If you have an existing flat space in a convenient area situation near a house or shed it can also be an ideal area to put your water tank. This saves the time and money of levelling out the area to store your water tank safety without having to worry about it sliding or shifting. A gravel or sand bed 100mm in thickness is an ideal foundation for your rainwater tank.

When possible, it is best to place your water tank in an area with shade. This lowers the temperature of the rainwater tank and also reduces evaporation. A cool area can also assist in the prevention of bacteria. If you don’t have an area with consistent shade planting trees around the tank can be a great look but can also assist with lowering the temperature. When planting trees, always ensure they are planted far enough away that roots cannot spread and make the ground unlevel under the tank.

Many modern houses don’t have a large backyard so a slimline water tank can be a great option. They can fit neatly down the side of most houses and still store a large volume on rainwater.

Keep in mind that you will need a minimum fall of 300-500mm from your gutter to the water tank inlet to ensure the water will flow properly to your rainwater tank. Usually this means your rainwater tank needs to be at the same level or lower than your building to guarantee your water tank will fill properly. Your rainwater tank also needs to be close enough to your downpipes so that they can be plumbed into the overflow of the water tank.

Lastly, another factor to consider when placing your tank is easy access for many maintenance your water tank may require. The overflow outlet, downpipe, tap and pump are the most common areas that many require some attention in the future. Easy accessibility also makes cleaning your rainwater tank and filtering system much easier.

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