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Filtering Rainwater When Filling A Water Tank

Filtering rainwater when filling a water tank.

When catching and storing rainwater in a water tank it is important to make sure the water is as clean as possible. This is important for a number of health reasons, to reduce the build-up of bacteria, sludge or any other contaminants that can be potentially harmful.

Depending on the intended use of the stored rainwater in your tank, you may require a particular device in your filtering system. Most importantly, clean your gutters regularly to prevent bacteria, debris and dirt from entering your water tank.

Each time it rains the average roof will collect a number of contaminants such as bird/animal droppings, roof coatings, sealants, as well as leaves, twigs and branches. As you would expect, the rainwater will wash these contaminents down your gutters with the first rainfall.

Each rainwater tank sold by Camero Tanks is fitted with a leaf guard and strainer. The first layer of protection is designed to filter out larger debris, eg animal droppings, leaves, twigs from entering the water tank.

The second filter is finer and is designed to filter out the smaller debris. These two filters will allow the water tank to fill with as cleaner water as possible.

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