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Preparation And Installation Of A Water Tank

Preparation and Installation for a water tank

When installing a larger rainwater tank, the usual process is:

1) If required, get local council approval. This will prevent any unnecessary fines or having to remove the rainwater tank later.

2) Prepare the area for the water tank. Clear the area of branches, trees, rocks.

If this is not done, the rainwater tank may be pierced once the water weight is added.

3) Lay the base. 100mm of sand or gravel is ideal.

4) Place the rainwater tank, check for movement. Partially fill the water tank to ensure it can’t slide or be blown around in a strong wind.

5) Install water tank fittings, eg overflow, taps.

This is a fairly simple process but if you are unsure of the process give your local plumber a call.

6) Install pump and filtration system.

7) Lastly, you can connect your downpipes to the rainwater tank.

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