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What Size Water Tank Do I Need?

What size rainwater tank do I need?

When looking to conserve water by adding a rainwater tank one of the most important decisions to make is where the rainwater tank is best located. The size and shape of the rainwater tank are largely determined by the size of the area it will be located. When installing a rainwater tank near a house or shed the colour of the water tank can also be a key factor.

With most new age houses space is at a premium, the size and shape of the rainwater tank can be important. If you have sufficient space to fit a larger round rainwater tank that is great, however if not, there are a range of urban and slimline water tanks available that are ideal for smaller backyards or courtyards.

There are multiple shapes and sizes of rainwater tanks. Smaller round rainwater tanks (1,000L – 5,000L) are ideal for Adelaide homes with a smaller backyard. Slimline tanks are generally quite narrow making them a great option when placing the water tank on the side of the house. Slimline water tanks are common amongst new courtyard homes. They also hold more water than a round rainwater tank of similar size will which is a great advantage when space is at a premium.

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