Fish Striker Kayak - Made by Camero Kayaks in Adelaide - (20uv rating poly)

Fish Striker Kayak - Made by Camero Kayaks in Adelaide - (20uv rating poly)

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Fish Striker Kayak

The Fish Striker has been based on our best-selling Striker kayak. Just like the Striker, the full-length moulded keel design provides excellent tracking in a lightweight, compact kayak. Unlike most shorter fishing kayaks, the Fish Striker will hold its’ line and direction well when paddling making the experience feel like your paddling a much longer kayak. Along with great performance, the front and rear storage areas provide ample on top storage as well as having the dry storage hatch for more important items. 2x rear flush mount fishing rod holders and 1x centre swivel fishing rod holder all come standard on this durable, South Australian made fishing kayak.


1x Swivel fishing rod holder and 2x flush mount fishing rod holders included.

Deluxe Seat and Paddle Included.


Kayak Dimensions: 

Length: 2.6m     Width: 0.73m     Weight: 19kg     Capacity: 120kg


Camero Kayaks

This kayak is manufactured by Camero Kayaks in Adelaide, South Australia. Kayaks manufactured by Camero Kayaks are constructed from 20uv rating virgin grade polyethylene and have an average wall thickness of 4mm making them some of the highest quality and most durable kayaks on the market. All kayaks manufactured by Camero Kayaks feature a 10 year manufacturing warranty.