Winger Single Kayak - Made by Camero Kayaks in Adelaide - (20uv rating poly)


Winger Kayak

This kayak was designed with one purpose in mind, surfing. Both the twin keel design and rear fin provide excellent handling and agility when catching waves but also help to improve the tracking when paddling in calmer conditions. Even though the Winger kayak excels in the surf, it is still a suitable kayak for a leisurely paddling along the river. At only 15kg in weight, this kayak is lightweight making it easy to carry and transport. A great budget kayak for any paddler under 75kg. Please find colour range in last image.


Deluxe Seat and Paddle Included.


Kayak Dimensions: 

Length: 2.7m     Width: 0.72m     Weight: 15kg     Capacity: 75kg

Camero Kayaks

This kayak is manufactured by Camero Kayaks in Adelaide, South Australia. Kayaks manufactured by Camero Kayaks are constructed from 20uv rating virgin grade polyethylene and have an average wall thickness of 4mm making them some of the highest quality and most durable kayaks on the market. All kayaks manufactured by Camero Kayaks feature a 10 year manufacturing warranty.


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