Oceanus Tandem Kayak - Kuer Kayaks 8uv


Oceanus Tandem Kayak

This kayak is ideal for paddling in all conditions. With deluxe seats fitted as standard, the low seating position gives great stability and comfort when paddling. A full-length moulded keel provides improved tracking making it an easy kayak to paddle as a single or tandem. With 8 scupper/drainage holes the Oceanus can be a lot of fun in the surf, as well as a good option to paddle along the river. The high level of stability and 4x flush mount fishing rod holders included with the Oceanus make this a suitable fishing kayak for the whole family.


4x flush mount fishing rod holders included.

2x Deluxe Seats and 2x Paddles Included.



Length: 3.6m     Width: 0.86m     Weight: 31kg     Capacity: 220kg


Kuer Kayaks

This kayak is manufactured by Kuer Kayaks. Kayaks constructed by Kuer kayaks are manufactured using 8uv rating virgin grade polyethylene making them some of the most durable and hard waring imported kayaks. The average wall thickness of a kayak manufactured by Kuer Kayaks is 4mm.




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