Pro Angler 12 Deluxe Single Fishing Kayak - Kuer Kayaks 8uv

Pro Angler 12 Deluxe Single Fishing Kayak - Kuer Kayaks 8uv


Pro Angler Angler 12 Deluxe Kayak

This is the perfect kayak for the keen fisherman. With an oversized front storage well, moulded centre storage compartment and large on top rear storage area, the Angler 12 has plenty of storage for your catch and equipment. The centre moulded storage area is easily accessible from the seating position unlike most fishing kayaks and can be rinsed out after use making it the most practical compartment to store your catch. As well as being a great fishing kayak, the 3.6m length allows for easy paddling and great tracking making this an excellent kayak for many different uses. The Angler 12 Deluxe has an aluminium frame seat offering extra comfort when sitting for long periods of time. This is the ideal fishing kayak when you plan on being out fishing for hours at a time.


2x flush mount fishing rod holders and 1x swivel fishing rod holder are included.

Alluminium framed seat and paddle included.



Length: 3.6m     Width: 0.80m     Weight: 29kg     Capacity: 170kg


Kuer Kayaks

This kayak is manufactured by Kuer Kayaks. Kayaks constructed by Kuer kayaks are manufactured using 8uv rating virgin grade polyethylene making them some of the most durable and hard waring imported kayaks. The average wall thickness of a kayak manufactured by Kuer Kayaks is 4mm.